ISIS….Avatars of prophet Mohammed?

Dwelling or preoccupying more into ones religion is considered a virtue by the believers and they believe they will be rewarded for this. So how deep can a believer go into his religion? is it a virtue? is it any good?

It is actually letting yourself to be brainwashed. It’s preparing you to be aggressive, intolerant and hindering your rational thinking capacity. So is it any good? is it virtuous?…


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what is Islam? ( for the non-Muslims).


Islam is a culture that is deeply entangled with the lives of Muslims. Not just with occasional activities like birth, marriage, death etc, but also with daily activities like opening the door, entering bathroom etc there is interference of Islam; literally there are more than 1000 rules to follow. The deeper and accurately they follow these, the more they are said to be rewarded. The more Islamic one is…

However, the purpose of these rules and laws are much sinister…

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Islam Vs Your Culture and Rational thinking…

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. “Turn the whole world into Muslims and Muslims alone” – that’s one of the agenda in Quran. Even Quran lists a few (heinous) tactics to achieve this goal. Further,  it even states that it is the duty of every Muslims to take any measures that would help in achieving this goal and that they will be rewarded for this in their afterlife.

Is the Democracy that we enjoy destined to be eradicated from the society? What about our glorious (non-Islamic) culture? Will it be wiped out from the face of Earth? Why is it Islam spreading at an exponential rate despite it is against freedom and human rights?


Despite highly awkward, how and why is it luring in followers from every other culture?

Is the concept of “One God “true? Is Islam a peaceful religion? Who are the true non-believers? What are their tactics to gain an upper hand in our population? ?  Is it a threat to our society?

This blog answers such questions from a rationalistic point of view, taking pages from human psychology and modern science.

Moreover, this blog will have something to deter possible new recruits into Islam. It will have something for the deeply religious God fearing Islamic people to have a rationalistic approach towards Islam.


Thanking you.

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