Do you really deserve the freedom you enjoy (if you can’t protect it)?

The freedom that we enjoy is a result of countless sacrifices, bloodshed, violence and pain; all our forefathers went through for the well-being of "their" future citizens and we happened to be those lucky "future beings". But are we taking care of it so that our future grand-children will enjoy it? Or rather; are we guarding it or are we “irresponsibly” threatening it?

What is meant is this - When we see Muslims as part of us (or at least, believe that they too deserve the freedom, that we enjoy) -are we threatening the freedom of our grandchildren? Happenings around the world show that Muslims don't see us with the same eye they way you see them. They see you as unbelievers.

Once they gain a majority in your population, they will try to implement the insane sharia law and so on. They are trying to bring our country under a caliphate. It is the Muslims (that makes up 20% of the world population) that contributes to well over 90% of world terrorism and violence. Why?

The reason is this - Koran says that it is the duty of Muslims to make the whole world Islamic and should be ruled by Califs. They can take any measures to achieve this and one of the preferred methods is elimination. (Even Koran says one should be very cruel to unbelievers-torture them, rape them, humiliate them... Allah will be pleased and Muslims will be rewarded for this!)

In Pakistan, the minority Hindu population declined from 23% in 1947 to a mere 1.2% (at present). (They have different stories to cover up these heinous acts of massacres). So is the case with Bangladesh, so is it with much of the Muslim nations. With the Muslims multiplying like rats, so will be the case in your/our country in the near future. I wish responsible and ethical media would bring the true story to the front of the world - for if it’s not now, it is never. For, if it’s not now, it is their fate that is awaiting us. It will be an act to save humanity from falling back into dark ages.

If someone among us (as being non-Muslims) turned to Muslims, we generally wouldn't care. We won’t say he should be killed for that. But if a Muslim change his religion, he should be killed (according to Koran). Shout out the wrong doings of Prophet Mohammed- and he will be killed.

Islam is like cancer to the society. It eventually kills it. They multiply exponentially. They bribe the media and politics to their favor, play all possible foul tricks to nourish their growth in your society finally resulting in ruining your culture and eliminating your genome.

If you are someone who believes that Muslims should live free in your society, that they are not a curse to your culture, then it is ones like you who is the real curse to your culture. It is ones like you who don't deserve the freedom that you enjoy now because it’s because of ones like you, your future generations are going to suffer in their hands.  It's because of ones like you, your culture is going to perish.

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