Islam – A highly organized religious Mafia on a global scale

Islam is highly organized, centralized and has tremendous money in their hands.  Islam is religious Mafia.They bribe and corrupt the politics so as to advance their progress. They take the media in their hands in order to glorify them and to give false messages to people. They go to any extent to hide their true self. Islam is there in all corners of the world and they all follow the same book, Koran.

Global presence…Global threat…

Wherever be the  Islamic school,  they all practice it with the same vigor and intensity. The lessons are all the same – seeding hatred and brain washing its followers. It is a known fact that the deeper one goes into Islam, the more uncivilized and narrow-minded one is. It is the reason why we have countless examples of suicide bombers; ranging from 10-year-old kids to highly trained pilots; from uneducated people to skilled doctors and other professionals- all exploding themselves and killing many in the name of religion.

St. Petersburg metro explosion, 9/11, suicide bombings, ISIS… wherever it be, the intentions are all the same.

Muslims are trained not to have a sense of nationality. They are brainwashed to hate all other cultures and religions. Any tiny act to an extreme genocide- which intends to destroy or eliminate other culture is an honor rewarding act in Islam and is in accordance with the preachings of Koran.

If we look into many Islamic countries, for eg, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, we can see that there is a drastic decline in non-Muslim population over the last 50 years or so. And this has been true from the day of inception of Islam- elimination of other cultures. Remember, there was a time when the population of Muslims was just 2 or 3 percent in all of the present-day Islamic countries. They too once had different types of cultures peacefully coexisting there.


Human beings are the same everywhere and we haven’t changed genetically in 1400 years. The only advantage we have over the non-Muslims that once inhibited the present day Islamic countries are that we are blessed with social media apps and blogs. (Paid media is favoring the Muslims rather than favoring non-Muslim citizens). At least we now know their brutality and their nature. But is it capable of preventing this religious mafia from taking reins.

Islam is not just ruining the life of other non-Muslims, but even Muslims, in the sense they are denied freedom of thought, freedom of expressions and freedom to develop morally.

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