Oh! Allah…

A typical Muslim prayer-from the eyes of a non-believer


Oh! Allah…  The most benevolent, merciful and the virtuous-

That it pleases you to torture, rape and kill innocent people.

Vice, iniquity and sin are considered a virtue
Oh! Allah… the creator of all and the knower of all

That there is only you who still believes that sperm originates between the ribs and the kidneys …

(…the list is quite endless here)

Oh! Allah…  the wisest of all

That you are easily tricked by insane flattery and

That you never realize that it is these believers who are really mocking you.
Oh! Allah… the supreme justice,

you are so great that you choose an insane, lunatic, paedophilic, sadist as the best example of morality and spirituality (for Muslims).

Oh! Allah…   you gave us Koran and prescribed a lifestyle

that completely obliterates one’s morality, spirituality and takes oneself away from true-God (the God that speaks to you through your morale)

It makes the believers the real kafirs and

It makes the believers never realize that they are the real prophets.


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Islam- believers are with the devil (Oh! Allah...)
Islam – belivers never realize that they are the real prophets



Thanking you.

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