One God?…Think twice…

"There is only One God"; to many,  this is obvious. They say it is the most reasonable... but is it? 

There are religions out there that believe that the universe and everything in it including life, is part of the God itself and there are religions that see God and its creation as a separate identity. It just doesn't end here.... we have polytheism, monotheism, human or non-human, animal like...ethically most pious to morally corrupt.. the list is quite endless.  We on the other hand just can’t be sure since God has revealed nothing to us.

So, do we know any of the physical properties of God - how god looks like?, its weight? Dimensions...Etc...?
No, we know nothing. God has not revealed any “physical properties” concerning these.  God has revealed nothing about its existence.
Now to say that there is only one God, one has to be sure that there is a mathematical property in God which enables us to count God. For example, can we count water?  Space? Air? Etc... NO, these have uncountable property. So how can we be sure God has a countable property? (Just like we are not sure of the physical properties, we cannot be sure of mathematical property). For this reason, I can agree if one says God exists but I can't agree with someone who says there is only one God.

In order to convey the second line of reasoning regarding the numerical quantisation of God I am narrating a fourth grade detective story that someone told me in my childhood. The story goes something like this. A man is trying to sell an idol/statue which he says he got it while he was digging up a well in an isolated place and at some depth, he happened to uncover this statue. He claims that this idol/statue is some 2500 years old. For proof, this man shows the carved text on the bottom of the statue in which it is carved “year of Manufacturing 500BC”

As a police officer/detective, you are supposed to find the “legitimacy” of the situation.  (The answer is obvious that it is only after the Birth of Jesus Christ, we started designating BC and AD).

So, concerning with the “One God” concept, modern science has given ample proof validating the theory of Big –Bang, that the universe started with the Big-Bang.  It is not just the matter and the stars etc that was created with the big bang- but also space and time.


Therefore, before the Big-Bang, it was not just the absence of matter... but also there was  no Space ...and there was no time even....


So when we say One God, the property of the said “one” is created after the Big-Bang, it is quite understandable to us and is within the scope of “science”. However, the properties of “God” are still a mystery and are not within the scope of science. This can never be an attribute/adjective for God.

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