Who are the real Kafirs in front of God?

The Real Kafirs...



It turns out that the (extremist) Muslims are the real kafirs when things are  analized on these three grounds-

  1. Kafirs - those people, who somehow deny God sent messages.
  2. Kafirs - those people, who ridicule God with an insane, barbaric or an unethical concept of God.
  3. Kafirs - those people, who keep away from God, or People who keep God at bay.

1) People who deny God sent messages:-

According to most religions, it is God who created everything in the universe.  From the tiny atom to the mighty whale, from the insignificant dust particle to the giant red star, God created everything.  Moreover, God has installed information in every creation; – the innate information for its own working and for its state of being, something scientists keep on trying to decipher.

There is information inscribed in our genes and organisms use this information for its survival. All animals are born with some sort of innate knowledge – to suckle when their lips are touched,  wild animal-kids hiding itself at the slightest onset of danger, etc,... there is information everywhere.

So, if God has given information to all of its creation, and if God desires he should be worshiped in a particular way, God could have installed such information in all of its creation without ourselves being aware of it.  There wouldn’t be any need for any third party messengers or books to do the job.

Additionally, we all now know that it is with electrical signals that information is processed in our brain. So if God wishes to grant some knowledge or some kind of information, he only needs to raise or alter some potential here and there in the brain,  and we will come to know about it. This is the best way God can communicate with us without getting himself revealed. Perhaps God is doing this through what we call our sense of justice, our morale etc, which always refine oneself, and polishes the society to keep even better law and justice system,  which in turn help its fellow beings to keep even better morale.

So when- after you die and in the event of the judgment day, God will be asking you  – "I was always speaking to you through your morale, but why you didn’t listen to me.  Why did you live like a kafir?"

2) Who keeps a more pious concept of God?

Concepts of God vary from one religion to another. In the past, and in some parts of the world currently,  there were God(s), that despite claiming of being the highest morale and justice are actually uncivilized and immoral to the extent that they support or even commits massacres, torturing and rape!

However, there were people now and then who never believed in such unethical God concepts. People who could not attribute the slightest of uncivilizedness to their Gods; people who kept a free mind. It is people like these who keeps “the most pious” concept of God.

So – in the event of the judgment day, God will be asking you –"Why did you mock me with an uncivilized and unethical concept of God? It is you who disgrace me the most than anyone else. Its “believers” like you who are the real kafirs".

3) Who is closer to God- a Muslim or a non-Muslim?

God is the most justifiable, the most virtuous, the most merciful who knows everything and of course – the most intelligent. So what is the best way for God to convey his message without revealing himself?-

  • Directly coming in front of us and speaking to us- absurd; it reveals the most unless he deletes everything from our memory.
  • Through a messenger and then a prophet;  rather than solving the problem, it only creates more problems. The followers of the prophets have multiple reasons to fight with each other, whether it is in the name of different prophets or same prophets.

All these are just ridiculous. The best way God can transfer message without showing his presence is by altering the electric potentials in the brain. (God speaks to us,  through our morale). The result is so perfect that, not only we have people with many kinds of God concepts, but even atheists and apatheists – all exposed to God’s   message.

For this reason, a person who believes that one’s moral is the best source of guidance is the one closest to God. (The good thing about morale is that it is always ahead of us; individually, it polishes oneself; collectively, it polishes the society to keep even better law and justice system which in turn helps individuals to keep even better standards of ethics).

[If you have any doubts regarding the origin of negative thinking –like are they God sent too? The answer is here- God is the most virtuous, so can anything bad come from God; No...  Never]. 

Moreover, when someone puts something (for example, prophets, religious laws, acts etc; to an extent that it can interfere with their morale) between oneself and God, they are actually putting a barrier between them and God; they are keeping themselves away from God.

 It is these people who can never accept divine messages or inherent messages since they deny their morals.  It is among them, the seeds of goodness have the most difficult time to germinate. It is among them, morality can never progress with time.

So, in the event of the judgement day, God will be asking you– "Why did you keep away from me?  I sent you as the one who is closest to me, you had virtues in you and you had the responsibility alleviate some evil in your society. But you never stood for those. Why did you live like a Kafir?"

So for these reasons, It is the Muslims who are the real Kafirs. It is they who keeps themselves most separated from God. It is they who mock God with an uncivilized concept of God.  It is they who can never listen to Gods message.


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