What if God sent you as the true Prophet?

According to most religions, a prophet is believed to be someone who has received divine messages, one who is very “close” to God. So who is the true prophet?  What if God has sent you as the true Prophet?


I always wondered why would god sent a “prophet” or someone like that to convey his message. He simply can raise the electric potentials here and there within our brain and the message would be conveyed instantly. (Perhaps, our morals are the real divine messages that God sent directly to us). Moreover, to believe in prophet and Koran, one would have to agree with these;-

  1. God has instilled information even in each and every atom in the whole universe, and every creature on earth, but hasn’t installed anything in us.
  2. Even though we are Gods creations, God won’t talk to us or that there is no way God can talk to us without revealing himself.
  3. that our morale (something that has been installed by true God himself) is not the best source of guidance (because one has to accept Koran as the best source of guidance).

Additionally, when someone puts a holy book or prophet between oneself and God, one is actually

  1. keeping himself away from true God. Even if God speaks to them through their morale, they will reject it. 
  2. On one hand, they say  God is the most pious, justifiable and the most merciful but on the other, they mock God by nurturing an unethical concept of God.  ( For eg., when they read or believe in sentences like these, “Torture and Kill the “unbelievers”, they are insanely mocking God. It is usually the unbelievers who score here in the sense that it is they who keeps a more pious concept of God).
The true Prophet – It’s you.
The true Prophet.
The true prophet

I just can’t agree with the act of praising the God few times a day and supporting/doing acts of lower morale (just because their religion said so) would make the God happy. What if (after your death) God asks you, “I was always talking or interfering with you through your morale, but you never listened. You were sent you as the true Prophet and you were blessed with your morale. I sent you as the one who is dearest to me, but you always mocked me with an unethical concept of God. I was always there with the answer, but you never tried to search for the truth or pondered about me in your whole life.  Why did you keep yourself away from me?

For this reason, our rational mind is our God sent Gift. It is only with it, we can identify right and wrong from the mix. Your “holy books” will definitely fail in these acid tests and you will be freed from the clutches of your religion and you will be closer to your true God.

Why stick to the old religious system that fooled billions in History?

5000 or 2000 or 1400  years back, nobody knew about the workings of the human brain or electric potential. For them,  messages could be conveyed only through physical means. Now that we know the truth and since things have changed a lot since then, why stick on to a 1000-year-old belief system? Realize yourself not to put anything between you and God! Realize that you are the true Prophet.

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