What is Islam? (for the Muslims & Non-Muslims).

Islam is a culture that is deeply entangled with the lives of Muslims. From birth, to marriage, to death; Islam has its presence there. From schooling to most of their daily activities – interference of Islam is there.

One should enter the bathroom with the left leg with a particular prayer before opening the door, leave the bathroom with right leg, again with another prayer to reopen the door to exit, do that like this, do this like that, a prayer for this and another for that – literally there are more than a 1000 rules to follow in Islam.

The deeper and accurately they follow these, the more they are said to be rewarded. (These “rewards” are highly sought after for Muslims because the more one “collects” it; the higher the “rank” they get in heaven).
However, these deep indulgences in prayers and rules are set to satisfy 3 sinister purposes-

  1. they keep them pre-occupied from thinking out of the box.
  2.  The Imams and the priests can easily pick up the potential extremists from the mix.
  3. The deeper and the number of times it interferes, the easier it is to brainwash.  

Moreover, the Imams and the Mosque have phenomenal powers to interfere into their lives. So if they don’t go well with the Imams and the Mosque, it can easily bring them trouble.
One of the problems with Islam is this: - The parents may not be hard core devotees of Islam, but if their kids are, they can’t correct them; they just think it is more right to be more addicted to Islam- after all, it’s all holy matters. Additionally, they fear the Mosque and the Imams.
We have countless examples for news like these “This Muslim father was so proud that all his four children became successful suicide bombers killing a total of 160 or so innocent victims. He believes that this has already granted him direct entry to heaven! There is nothing better he can hope for!” or “children of very successful and educated Muslim people (business men, doctors, engineers, politicians etc) who enjoy a “high life” in the society turning themselves into and extremist or even into a successful suicide bomber”. This is the reason why it is hard to fight Islamic terrorism – the believers and the hardcore extremists co-exist in a family.
This religion survives on brain washing its believers and using all unethical tactics to demolish the unbelievers. It’s the religion that holds the most deep-rooted superstitions to its crux, the one that shows the most discrimination among its followers. This religion is literally churning out psychopaths to an extent their reasoning is degraded.
Moreover, the "politics" of Islam is very organized and they are tremendously united. They have enormous money in their hands and are taking all measures to turn the whole world into Islamic caliphates. They corrupt the politics, the media, make laws favouring their growth and make them appear peaceful amidst of their violence and sheer butchery. They multiply like rats, take all measures to gain an upper-hand in your population (conversion, inter-cast marriages, etc ). Once they gain a upper-hand, your fate won’t be any different from those of the minorities in any Islamic state –Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and so on. All of these Islamic countries have different make-up stories to tell about the diminishing non-Muslim minority population in their countries. All are just lies; its only massacres and Genocides. If this isn’t a wakeup call for you, future will prove that it was ones like you who were the curse for your glorious society/culture which eventually lead to its doom.

If this isn’t a wakeup call for you, future will prove that it was ones like you who were the curse for your glorious society/culture which eventually lead to its doom.
I can only make a request here- It is our (and our fellow good Muslims) duty to save people from the grasp of Islam, to save humanity from falling into the dark ages of Islam.

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